Turning Segregation into an Afro Nation

What Civil Rights leaders constituted as the struggle for equal rights turned out to be a fight for blacks to emulate white culture. On the other hand, what Black Nationalist fought for was respect from whites and the independence to live free of oppression. Over time and after many laws, Civil Rights won out, which is why the situation with Black America is what it is today. Though we are free to emulate their lifestyle (live where they live, work where they work, and copy their culture), white America still does not have respect for Blacks because oppression shapes its laws and its policies. In other words, they are willing to open their parks and schools to us but that does not mean they have to like or respect us. So what Black America is actually dealing with here are people who basically resent having to give or share anything they consider their own, to Blacks. The solution is as basic as two children relating to one another on the playground. Think back to what your mother, or any mother, would tell their child if another child refuses to play fair with them. "Just do not play with them at all." Is what most mothers would say. However, there are certain that mothers that would try to resolve the issue by asking the other child to play fair and allow their child to play. If the other child was a decent person, they may allow the mother's child to play, but that does not mean they have to like it and they may persist in being mean to that child. But no one has to accept being mistreated simply because they want to play. An alternative would be to simply play somewhere else with someone else's child and leave that other child alone. This is what Black America should have done years ago; simply leave the other child alone. Nevertheless, Black America has taken white America to court to force them to play fair. The courts have passed laws that do just that, but white America have for years resented those laws but it seems Black America have never considered this a possibility. Blacks have reacted with an "in your face" mentality, which only brings more resentment from whites, and the animosity continues until the day someone stood up for whites and verbally protested the culture of "political correctness." Whites feel they should say and do what they feel even if it is unfair, inhumane, or cruel. Thus, the original reason whites felt the need to segregate from Blacks and keep them at arms length has never left. So in essence, the Civil Rights Movement only accomplished half of what it set out to accomplish. Blacks have equal rights but not equal treatment.

The Black Nationalist mentality is that of the child who would just as well leave the other child alone. In other words, if they do not want me in their neighborhood, I will not go. If they do not want me in their schools, I will build my own schools, and if they do not want to pay me what they pay themselves, I will start my own business. If they do not want to treat me fairly, I will simply not give them the opportunity to mistreat me. As a result of equal rights, Blacks can move into white suburbs; but if too many move there, whites move away and the neighborhood overtime becomes Black, and the cycle continues. If too many Blacks integrate a school, whites build new schools in their new suburbs, or in the instance of colleges, they simply deny Black applicants. In any and every institution, whites must maintain the majority or total power. Why Blacks cannot see this and finally conclude that they need their own instead of fighting endless court battles, deflecting racial insults and policies is baffling. One theory is that the Black populous knows no other way to live in America except to vie for acceptance of whites. The continued fight for Civil Rights is nothing more than insecurity within the Black character that cannot accept rejection from a child who does not want to play with them and who does not play fair. It also reveals a deep sense of procrastination from Black America for establishing and building for themselves. A theory on that would be because Blacks lack the ability to be original in thought and innovation. As an example of that, here are 3 areas of life that Blacks have emulated white culture as opposed to constructing their own:


  • Blacks have adapted the teachings of white America where it pertains to history, economics, government, science, justice and health, to teach Black children instead of researching, composing and teaching a worldview of their own. They have settled for the traditional college education and corporate workforce training degree after high school instead of a new and different discipline of life for adulthood.
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